Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RC Hobbies in BP

Realised one thing. There are lots ppl playing RC hobbies. My ex-neighbour, Vincent, plays with RC cars. I just realised that fact.

No, i am not talking about the toy RC cars that cost $39.90 and kids play. What i meant was RC nitro car. The type that runs on aviation fuel, much more powerful than petrol, and cost more than 1 grand.

And while sometimes we were flying, other ppl would watch and commented that they themselves play RC planes, helicopters. A police vehicle came one day while we were flying, and the policeman informed us that he play RC helicopter.

Another gentleman today informed me that he also play helicopter, while watching me play my kite and Vincent playing with his nitro car.

There was once that someone stopped by to look at us playing kites at GRSC, and from his van, took out a helicopter and started playing with it.

But all the conclusions from them were the same. Kites look nicer than planes, helicopters, and kites and a great advantage. They can fly at night.

All because of a reason. Kites have LED lights that makes it look nice, especially at night when its nicely arranged.

Posted by: Simon Ow

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