Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RC Hobbies in BP

Realised one thing. There are lots ppl playing RC hobbies. My ex-neighbour, Vincent, plays with RC cars. I just realised that fact.

No, i am not talking about the toy RC cars that cost $39.90 and kids play. What i meant was RC nitro car. The type that runs on aviation fuel, much more powerful than petrol, and cost more than 1 grand.

And while sometimes we were flying, other ppl would watch and commented that they themselves play RC planes, helicopters. A police vehicle came one day while we were flying, and the policeman informed us that he play RC helicopter.

Another gentleman today informed me that he also play helicopter, while watching me play my kite and Vincent playing with his nitro car.

There was once that someone stopped by to look at us playing kites at GRSC, and from his van, took out a helicopter and started playing with it.

But all the conclusions from them were the same. Kites look nicer than planes, helicopters, and kites and a great advantage. They can fly at night.

All because of a reason. Kites have LED lights that makes it look nice, especially at night when its nicely arranged.

Posted by: Simon Ow

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mid-air collision

2 mid air collision were reported when the BP kite flyers flew over a span of 24 hours.

In the first collision, the kite in front was travelling at a slow speed, when another kite dash in from behind, causing 1 kite to crash, and the other to scoot.

The kite suffered a single cut on it's cloth, which was later repaired on the spot using scotch tape, and in a matter of minutes, that kite was declared fit to fly, and it soared into the skies again.

In another incident, the same kite (victim in the eariler case) became the offender.

In that head-on collision, the props cut into the innocent kite's ailerons, causing it break. What surprised everyone was that even though the innocent kite suffered damages, it still can fly.

Meanwhile, everyone was laughing over that incidents, and having a jolly good time over the mid air collisions.

Some members of public, meanwhile, had different ideas. A couple was spotted driving away from the area of flight soon after the incident, fearing a repeat of the 911, which in this case, a kite collision with a car or human.

Posted by: Simon OW

Monday, January 29, 2007

This time it's at night

Video 1 (Carpark and at night)

Kite Flying video 1

Posted by: Simon Ow

History of kite flying in BP

It started with Ace.

The BP WLNY supper club was having their nightly talking cock session, when Stuart jio Ace down.

Ace came with a metal box and a funny looking thingy that was yellow in colour.

Curiously, we crowded around, pointing and WOWing at that yellow thingy, bombarding him with questions.

"Orh, it's a kite" Ace explained.

"Do a demo leh..." We choursed.

So Ace fixed up with kite, and flew inside the greenridge training shed, and when i said right inside, i meant RIGHT INSIDE.

We got "gian"... Later, we got to know Anthony. Seeing both flying only makes us more "gian".

So, Joshua went and bought one, while Stuart, me and the rest started to save up. Stuart got one kite, and me also. So, in BP, there are now 5 flyers, with a few more on simulators, and kites coming on the way.

Kite flyers of Bukit Panjang Unite!!

Posted by : Simon Ow